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Vanessa is a creative mind that works as a freelancer in NYC and also consults for small businesses and entrepreneurs from various backgrounds. Vanessa helps and guides them to bring their ideas to life and gives them the tools for success.

Vanessa is a Peruvian/Australian an intuitive Senior graphic designer and Art director that currently works with corporate and private clients, and as a holistic practitioner. Her expertise lies in the conceptual creation of a brand that breaths the client values.

"People say you will understand your future when you look back at your past"

Over the years Vanessa has worked as a creative in design studios and as a freelancer. These gave her a strong understanding of conceptual thinking, colour, brand systems and brand development. Her cosmetics and fashion experience in-house made her a fast solution-focused and a master in problem solving, and her client-side corporate experience allowed her to discover her love for branding and gave her a sharp eye for detail. Get in touch if you feel we can co-create together.
"Vanessa is truly gifted! She tapped into the energy of the business and created an image which matches and exceeds what I am creating. In other words, the logo Vanessa made for Ladybug Productions, Inc. is multi-layered, multi-dimensional, and it it captures the past, present, and a bright future. The business has many aspects and she was able to convey so much, while keeping it simple and sophisticated. Vanessa is smart, insightful, professional, reliable and friendly. I truly enjoy her approach and I benefited immensely from the experience. Highly recommend. Excellent communication, respectful and forthright feedback, quality offerings. I am very impressed and grateful"
– Sara Jane Wellock, Ladybug Productions
"I am beyond happy to have worked with Vanessa and have her creative input during my rebrand. Her final product took my ideas to a realm that I didn’t imagine. Always showcasing professionalism, expertise, patience, understanding and proper nudges when necessary. I look forward to continued collaboration and hope more people can get to know her work :)"
– Ali Toxtli, Yei Tochtin
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