Helping Austin Homes was a rewarding experience. I created a strong visual identity that reflected the values of the company ‘Integrity, trust, attention to detail and collaboration’. Austin Homes originally collaborated with building and construction businesses. In recent years, they identified the direct Home Buyer market and focused their future growth strategy around this, which required new branding to market themselves to the end consumer. The owner wanted the logo and visuals to communicate that.
The request was to design a logo that translated the business passion for building homes. My inspiration was the idea of Tetris or Lego pieces that came together forming a house avatar and that also included the initials of the business itself. The outcome was a clean logo with simple lines communicating the essence of the company. It also conveys strength and stability which were desired attributes.
The web design followed the idea of strength and stability focusing on showcasing their latest projects and services.
A Basic Style guide was provided to the business owner which served as an educational piece and a guide for the future.

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