In a mission of creating design that speaks to the soul and produces positive changes.
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Vanessa is a creative mind that works as a freelancer in NYC and also consults for small businesses and entrepreneurs from various backgrounds. Vanessa helps and guides them to bring their ideas to life and gives them the tools for success.
When I work with small businesses and entrepreneurs, they are usually very excited, they have expectations and are also very overwhelmed. I find that giving an overview of the design process and walking them through the process from the start gives them peace of mind and they start the process with ease.​​​​​​​
The Design Process
Let’s create magic!
This is the starting point, the space when we will connect to discuss the scope, determine a timeline and chat about your expectations. My job will be to listen carefully and read between the lines to create a client-focused approach and uncover your unique brand story.
After our call I’ll send a proposal and contract according to your needs and budget. If approved, a standard 50% deposit* is required to begin. Remaining payment is due after the work is completed
*On larger projects, payment plans may be appropriate.
Reading between the lines!
After our first meeting I will send you an Electronic Form – the Brief – this will help me understand your requirements and your business’ unique story.
This questionnaire will be used as a guide and is designed to dive deeper into your business history, target audience, competitors, and goals. It will help you organise your thoughts and see your business from a holistic point of view. There’s no right or wrong answer here, it’s ok if you are not sure, I will support you in the journey.

Providing me with existing or previous branding samples will give me an understanding of where you’ve come from, and what will work best going forward.
Before starting the Art Direction and Design phase we will discuss the brief in more depth, we will define your brand positioning, evaluate your existing materials and talk about your desired look & feel and objectives.
Clients find the Discovery phase extremely helpful. It can give you and I a clear direction and will help shape our project. It will also give us clarity on what to communicate as a business going forward.
The fun part begins!
Creating visuals that translates your business to a recognisable image that breathes and communicates your values to future clients.
– Based on Discovery insights, I’ll create three initial design concepts
– I’ll present them in a screensharing meeting and send PDFs you can review. The logo project may have up to 3 rounds of revisions. More are always available, billed at an hourly rate.   
– Once you have a winner logo, we will explore the world of Brand Identity and start building yours
Logos created by Vanessa over the years.
It’s all about what works and flows!
After establishing and selecting the best concept, we will continue with the Refinement process:
– You’ll gather any feedback and supply it all at once.
–I will action any agreed changes
– I will provide you with the revised work for review
A project scope includes 3 rounds of refinements. More are always available, billed at an hourly rate. 
See your brand come to life!
After approval of designs, I’ll create and deliver all final artwork files to you. If your project includes a brand style guide, everything will be compiled there. All the elements of your visual identity—logo, typography, color palette, icons, etc. The Style Guide is a valuable reference to keep your visuals on-brand going forward.
Allow 3-4 weeks for either a Logo Package only or website only project. Allow 6-8 weeks for an Holistic Branding Package.

You feel you are ready to create some magic?
Not sure what you need? Feeling a bit overwhelmed?
Schedule a video call consultation with me first.
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