As part of the AW denim campaign, the brief included the redesign of swing tags and the request of a vibrant look and feel. The brief included the desire of a campaign name that reflected the essence of a pair of jeans. A basic, go-to and every-day piece in our wardrobes.
Taking this in consideration and the eight styles of jeans, the inspiration was a spectrum of light that when reflected on droplets creates a pattern of colours: A rainbow. The team came up with the idea of ‘365 Days of Denim’ that could communicate the idea of wearing jeans every day of the year. Let’s be honest most of us do it.

The main idea was to assign to each denim style a name and a colour giving it a specific personality. The swing tag design was clean and strong, I incorporated the colour as a hero within the design. From a customer POV it was an easy way to identify the styles in the store.
Following the swing tag design, I conceptualised a VM campaign that included a window display, table and wall POS elements and a look book to be sent as direct mail. For the look book we selected a corsentina style format that allowed me to showcase each of the denim styles and each of their personalities.
All the elements worked in a cohesive way to deliver a punchy, vibrant and strong denim campaign. The customers were transported to a world of colour and to a captivating experience.

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