Sara Jane is a multidisciplinary professional that has a diverse background. From Arts to Matchmaking to Mediation, Live performance and Caress, she is a breeze of fresh air and an enigmatic individual. Ladybug Productions includes: The Living Blog; Caress; Access Consciousness®; Director of Fun & Magic with The Parris Foundation; Romantic Matchmaking; Independent Staffing Services; Mediation, Conflict Transformation, & Bias-Awareness; Professional Writing; Art; Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP)®; Certified Moksha/Modo Yoga® Instructor; Renaissance Woman.
The challenge was to create a logo for Ladybug Productions using a ladybug as a focal point but exploring the concepts of Eroticism, Mystery, Beauty, Orgasm, Transformation, Consciousness and other fun ideas.

The creative direction started with the exploration of the potency and feminine energy of a ladybug without making it childlike or cute. Nature, a vulva and a stage were what I was envisioning. After a long brainstorm session with myself I decided to start creating free-hand. The palette colour captures the nature of the ladybug, the female energy and the erotism the client desired .
 The outcome embodied everything Sara Jane wished and more. Scroll down to read what Sara Jane had to say.
Vanessa is truly gifted!
“She tapped into the energy of the business and created an image which matches and exceeds what I am creating.
In other words, the logo Vanessa made for Ladybug Productions, Inc. is multi-layered, multi-dimensional, and it it captures the past, present, and a bright future. The business has many aspects and she was able to convey so much, while keeping it simple and sophisticated. Vanessa is smart, insightful, professional, reliable and friendly. I truly enjoy her approach and I benefited immensely from the experience. Highly recommend. Excellent communication, respectful and forthright feedback, quality offerings. I am very impressed and grateful”

– Sara Jane Wellock, Ladybug Productions

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