NSW Treasury leads the economic, jobs and investment conversation across New South Wales (NSW) state and Australia. 
ONE Treasury is the internal-facing brand used in all communication within the department.
This branding project presented a great challenge, to create a branding system that performed with the already established and external-facing NSW Treasury logo (the Waratah) and with the newly created ONE Treasury for internal-facing communications.

I conceptualised and created the ONE Treasury brand with the purpose of representing the people at Treasury, their interconnections, and the concept of Oneness within the organisation.
ONE Treasury is a corporate yet fun and friendly brand.

The overlap of colours in the 'ONE' word refer to different branches/people/teams that work together towards the same goals. As well, the letters overlap in some areas without losing their own essence, just as the different teams in Treasury do.
A style guide was developed to give the brand consistency and flexibility. A key goal was to ensure that all parties use the brand elements consistently. My proposal for the graphic device was based on combining triangular and parallelogram shapes to add movement and a sense of constant change or path towards their goals.
The result was a graphic element that translated the brand values: ​​​​​​​
excellence, integrity, trust and transparency.
These are some examples of what NSW Treasury branding is and the scope of the work involved. The brand relied heavily on infographics to communicate complex data and information and make it accessible to the general public in Australia. NSW Treasury is behind high-profile state government publications, annual reports, state budgets presentations and economic projections.
Treasury PRIDE came to life as a part of the Diversity & Inclusion stream within the organisation. I am an Ally and a member of the D&I committee so it felt natural to me to develop this little sub-brand. Treasury PRIDE is used in internal-facing communications and internal campaigns. NSW Treasury prides itself of seeing everyone as equal and focusing on what an individual can bring to the table no matter the background or belief. 

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