The Light Arts is a welcoming and friendly space for people interested in energy healing modalities. A place where words like ‘consciousness, energy and healing’ are normalised and instead a way of empowering individuals. Many new or potential clients feel holistic services is something foreign. A place where if you don’t know how to meditate or do shadow work you don’t belong. This is a total misconception. The client wanted to break that old belief.
The name was created by the client, who is a Reiki Master and Access practitioner and also an artist. To her, The Light Arts was born of the idea of acknowledging her hands as a tool in both her passions. Art and design and when working with energy to serve others.
The sparkle or light was incorporated to the logo after the illustrations were created. I identified the graphic device being repeated in many of the illustrations. The client without knowing was illustrating the way she was seeing the energy funneling from the Earth energetic field through her hands and to others.

When approaching the direction and design of this business, the main challenge was creating a look and feel that played together with hand-made illustrations without making it childlike. It needed to have a fun and soothing feel using a clean, calming and sophisticated design but without looking like a cliché.  
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