Urja (ऊर्जा) Shroff is an Indian graphic designer and facilitator living in New York. She came to me with her logo and nothing else. The challenge was to read between the lines and understand her request and energy. I needed to create a hybrid website showcasing her design work and holistic services.
A gentle balance of playfulness, colours and fun energy.​​​​​​​
What stood out to me from the get go was the love Urja has for nature. She spoke of her native India, New York autumn, the seasons and the balance between them. The sense of cyclic changes really spoke to her... and to me.
The energy of Nature, the Earth and the elements that surround us was the inspiration behind the colour palette.​​​​​​​
It was all out there, I only perceived it and brought it all together.
The end result was a warm colour palette that reflected Urja's passion for Nature. She requested something fun but with a sense of peace and calm. The circle was chosen to complement her fun personality and her drive for inner growth and constant development.
What if all creation is just waiting for us to come and play?
– Urja Shroff  |  Access Consciousness facilitator & Visual designer.
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